Zachary Frye is a Game Production manager who studied at Champlain College. While there he found success in personal projects like Forkdrift, and internships with companies like Skymap Games and Orbit Group. Zach has always had a passion for games, specifically team based games, working with people on teams to find success is something Zach has always been passionate about.


Zach was the Co-Producer on Forkdrift, there was no lead. Zach Pitched the game to the full game studio at Champlain college, then managed the onboarding process as the team doubled in size. He also managed the transition to online development shortly after onboarding. The team ultimately decided to stay together through the summer and released Forkdrift on Steam on July 31 2020. It has now amassed over 80,000 downloads.

Bearly Tennis

Zach was Lead Producer on the capstone game Bearly Tennis. A tennis game where you played as bears and crushed items from the environment to use as balls. Zach managed their Social media and planned their release on steam. Unfortunately the game was not selected to continue through Greenlight.

Biz-Pub Freelance Team

Business-Publishing Freelance Team

After Bearly Tennis, Zach chose to be apart of the Biz-Pub Team, which meant he would work freelance with all of the teams that were selected to go through to assist them with their marketing and publishing strategies. Different teams had different needs, and Zach sought to help them meet all their needs and goals of publishing on Steam. He leveraged his experience marketing and publishing games in the past, and experience from a class he had taken recently called Advanced Seminar in Game Entrepreneurship.

Production intern – skymap Games

Zach was a Production Intern at Skymap Games. Here he worked with multiple teams on about 8 different projects, 3 of them games. Zach worked a lot on release management, focusing mostly on the Nintendo Developer Portal, but also interacting heavily with Sony’s Devnet and the Microsoft Partner Center. The biggest Game project Zach worked on while at Skymap was the Release of “Baconman: An Adventure” on the Nintendo Switch. Zach worked on release Management for the game, working closely with members of the team who ported the game, as well as representatives from Nintendo.

Project Management Intern – Orbit Group

Zach’s first ever internship was as a Project Management Intern at Orbit group. There he managed a remote team in an experimental software development project which was never released. He also managed Research and Design for other smaller projects while he was there. Orbit Group taught Zach a lot about investments and start-ups and laid the foundation for Zach to develop a business oriented mindset.